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Ongoing Projects

EDMD1 Project

Evaluation of Autophagy as a possible therapeutic target in the Muscular Dystrophy of Emery-Dreifuss type 1 (EDMD1)

Objective: To determine if autophagy is altered in cells by EDMD1 patients and if treatment with rapamycin is able to reactivate the possible blockage of the autophagy flow in these cells.

RESEARCHERS: Cristina Capanni (Coordinator) CNR Researcher - Giovanna Lattanzi First CNR Researcher - Vittoria Cenni CNR Researcher - Camilla Evangelisti CNR Researcher - Elisabetta Mattioli CNR Researcher - Stefano Squarzoni CNR First Researcher

Status: in progress

A.I.D.M.E.D. Onlus